How to Pick a Good Sushi Restaurant

So you have yet to try sushi in Plymouth, MI, but are curious to expand your horizons. Perhaps your curiosity is slightly tempered by some apprehension of eating raw fish? Sushi is an extremely diverse culinary art. There is most likely no other dish where you can get as many different types of fish and meat to try out for size at one time. If the fact that it is raw frightens you, remember that sushi is eaten daily by people every day in many parts of the world. Prepared correctly, it is not only delicious, but safe. If you still are put off by the thought of eating raw meat, remember that not all sushi consists of raw fish. For instance, the river eel is typically barbecued, and any other freshwater fish is also cooked. There are vegetable rolls, along with beef, egg nigiri, and more. You could ease yourself into this new world by trying those first, and build up your bravery to try the raw fish on your second visit. Though there are numerous palatable methods to cook fish – frying, baking, grilling, sautéed – the rich, full-bodied taste of the raw cutlet is a truly unique experience that would behoove everyone to undertake at least once. Like any food, incorrect or inadequate handling, storing, or preparation can result in a negative outcome. It could be from anything as benign as a subpar taste, to possible illness. Sashimi, if properly handled by the sushi restaurant, is as safe to eat as anything else. Following are some tips to help you choose a sushi restaurant that will give you both the highest quality tasting food, and delivered to your plate in the safest way. First, do not eat sushi at an all you can eat Asian buffet. Good quality sushi is delectable, highly sought after, and hence it is also quite pricey for the volume. In addition, a well-trained sushi chef that knows how to properly prepare the fish also commands a decent salary. Therefore, if a restaurant will permit you to eat as much as you want for $15, there is a reason for that. Any sushi grade fish which is that cheap is not worth eating. Second, pay attention to the depth of selection. All of the better restaurants have a wide variety of fish to choose from. There should be some rarer, exotic, and more expensive choices available rather than just the basic salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and eel. No disrespect to those sushi staples; they are often among the tastiest. However, a sushi chef that is worth his salt knows how to prepare and serve a wider variety of types. The better quality restaurants have at least 15 different types of fish and meats available. This does not count the different types of rolls, it means at least 15 different species. Third, restaurants very rarely get deliveries on Sundays. That is why the top of the line sushi restaurants are usually closed on Mondays. There are some restaurants that also do not get delivered to on Saturdays. Hence, Sunday and Monday are usually the two least desired days of the week to go for sushi. Though it is usually not a safety issue, the taste of the day old fish may very likely be less than optimal. Aim for Tuesday through Saturday to head out to the sushi bar. Don’t skimp and settle for a buffet. Well prepared sushi is a culinary delight, and following these three tips will help ensure that you will thoroughly enjoy your experience, and want to come back for more.

July 5, 2016

Benefits of Coffee

Most people know that coffee may be a quick pick-me-up especially during the midafternoon when the morning motivation has become scarce in Plymouth, MI. What people are unaware of is that coffee provides many more benefits. Would you like to start your day off right and allow yourself to have a great day? Coffee can be your means to a greater end. Coffee provokes the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that creates euphoria and pleasant moods, AKA happiness. Beginning your day off with a cup of coffee will keep you happy throughout the day. Improve your motor skills with coffee. A study conducted by scientists from Coventry University in the United Kingdom found that caffeine ingestion improved both cognitive and perceptual motor skills. This means that the subjects’ reaction speeds were quicker. This means fewer mishaps through the day such as knocking something over or even a driving accident. Consuming this beverage leads to improved attention and focus. At least two cups of coffee in the morning may be able to help you focus your attention during daunting duties during the day. You can even improve your ability to remember things with coffee. Just one cup gives you an optimum memory-boost. Drinking coffee after learning something new can help you remember it the next day. Coffee contains healthy chemicals. Potassium, niacin, magnesium and antioxidants are important for your body. These chemicals in the coffee help lower uric acid levels, which is a risk factor for many health issues such as cardiovascular disease. It also helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania discovered that coffee is the principal source of cell-protecting antioxidants in our diets. Coffee surprisingly outranked tea and chocolate. Coffee can be good for the aging-mind. Research shows that women who drink three cups of coffee lose less brain tissue than those who drink less, potentially keeping away the effects Alzheimer’s and other effects of ageing on the brain. While this is just for women, don’t worry, men. Coffee boosts mental agility in everyone. There is good news for those of you who don’t like to bother with copious amounts of caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee offers the same health benefits! Many people believe that decaffeinated coffee contains zero caffeine. This is a common misconception. While decaf does contain caffeine, it is a noticeably less amount. The other chemicals found in caffeine are the reason for most of the benefits associated with coffee. For example, Caffeic acid, which has nothing to do with caffeine, has antioxidant properties. Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant found in both regular and decaf coffee which could be the chemical that helps prevent type 2 diabetes. Many people may choose decaf coffee because it makes them less jittery or if they have pre-existing heart issues. Here in Plymouth, MI we are part of a wonderful community. Restaurants have forever served as a place of social interaction and great conversation. We are places of gathering and communicating. We enjoy making our customers happy and comfortable. We can serve as your home away from home when you need an escape, a place where you and your friends come together, a place to study or work, and a place to connect with new and friendly people in your community.

June 5, 2016

Tips for Selecting a Fantastic Restaurant

Whether you are a frequent traveler or someone who only leaves town for their annual vacation, knowing how to select a sterling restaurant will make the trip fun and ensure that you stay healthy. While you might have a favorite restaurant in town, you need to be able to quickly pick an appropriate restaurant in Plymouth, MI. Look for a cafe that appears clean. Make sure that the tables and floor are clean and that there are no flies or greasy cutlery. You must also make a quick visit to the rest room and ensure that it is clean. This will help prevent an upset stomach or worse. Any restaurant that does not keep visible areas clean is likely to have a dirtier kitchen and ought to be avoided. A restaurant that offers outstanding food and service is likely to be well patronized by the locals as well. When looking for a restaurant, avoid places that do not have sufficient diners. While you might not want to wait for an hour to obtain a table, avoid places where you are one of a very few diners. Another way to eat at an astounding place is to ask for suggestions. Ask friends and colleagues who have visited a destination before for advice. If you are on a business trip to a new city, ask the people you have come to meet for suggestions. You can also make use of professional restaurant review sites. Every city has a variety of restaurants that are good. However, the actual choice also has to depend on your requirements. This is all the more so if you have particular dietary requirements because you are a vegan, eat only kosher food, or are allergic to gluten. If you are looking for a restaurant for a special event in Plymouth, MI such as a romantic dinner, graduation party, or business meet, plan ahead. In such cases, you should visit the restaurant and gauge the service and food quality before making the final decision. When doing this, visit the restaurant at around the same time as when you plan to hold the event. For instance, a restaurant might be quiet and quiet during the lunch hour, but be noisy during Saturday night and incorrect for a business dinner or romantic night out. A final personal check should be part of the restaurant picking process for critical and spectacular events.

May 6, 2016