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Chicken & Ribs Plymouth MI

Primo's Pizza of Plymouth, Michigan doesn't just offer pizza. Primo's Pizza understands that sometimes there are disagreements in your family over what to eat for lunch or dinner. For that reason alone, we offer chicken & ribs. We offer buckets, chicken dinners, or chicken snacks. We offer all of these barbecue or broasted. We also offer ribs for our customers who enjoy the messier side of dinner. Primo's ribs are New York Style, which is ,obviously, the best style of ribs. We also have chicken wing dings! We have many sizes in our chicken & ribs so that we can feed just you or your entire family. At Primo's Pizza in Plymouth, Michigan, quality is the most important thing to us. We are family owned and have been in business for 38 years. Because of that we treat our customers like family. Our ingredients are of the highest quality for your pleasure. We love seeing those smiles on our customers' faces. We never use frozen ingredients. Everything you put in your mouth is fresh and made to order. At Primo's Pizza, you will never settle and neither will we. Primo's Pizza is always striving to create the best experience for our customers. Primo's Pizza will always make sure your order is exactly what you want before you eat it. Quality of service is equally as important as quality of food to us. Because we have almost 40 years of experience in the field, we understand how to please our customers. Primo's Pizza believes that every order is important and should be made correctly. If you have any questions, we will forever be happy to help you out. If you're looking for a place with great chicken and ribs, look no further. Primo's Pizza is the place for you. Our customers always rave about our excellent chicken because most pizza places just focus on their pizza pies. Here at Primo's Pizza all of our menu items are prepared with care and love so that you will always have a pleasant experience. We get it, you're surprised. Why would you go to a pizza place for chicken and ribs? Well, the answer to that is one word: quality. We will always give you the highest quality chicken; you will always get what you want and know that our food is fresh. We have a size for everyone and a taste that will leave you wanting more. Primo's Pizza is a restaurant for every person where we cater to your taste buds. Primo's Pizza has it all.


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