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Fish & Chips Plymouth MI

Primo's Pizza in Plymouth, Michigan, has so much variety. You might ask just how much variety we have. Well, in the case that you're not in the mood for pizza, chicken, ribs, subs, or a salad, we also offer fish & chips. Our fish & chips are an option for those of you who aren't exactly craving pizza. Primo's Pizza has a taste for everyone. Our options are: perch dinner, 21 shrimp in the basket, shrimp dinner, fish and chips, jumbo frog legs, a bucket of fish, or a bucket of jumbo shrimp. All of these meals includes coleslaw, fries, rolls and sauce. We have a flavor for all fish fans and a meal for all appetites. Our fish is always cooked fresh and made to order. We will never disappoint. All of our menu items are packed full of flavor. If it's fish you're craving, Primo's Pizza fish is for you. Our menu tells you what comes with each meal. If it's shrimp you want, our Shrimp Dinner gives you seven pieces all full of flavor just for you. Our customers are the most important aspect of our business. We love our community and Primo's loves to act as though are customers are family. With over 37 years of knowledge of the industry, we have all the knowledge necessary to give you and your family and friends the perfect dinner. Our prices are clear and fair so you'll always pay for a quality meal at a perfect price. Does your family want pizza for dinner tonight but you're not feeling pizza? Primo's has it all. Order our fish & chips or any of our other seafood meals. Our staff is always happy and available to help you make your ordering decisions. They have comprehensive knowledge of each of our dishes and will always have the best of advice in what to order. You will always have the best service and help when it comes to ordering. You are guaranteed to find something you love on our seafood menu. We also offer meals for larger groups such as the Bucket of Jumbo Shrimp which includes 16 pieces. The best thing about Primo's Pizza in Plymouth, Michigan, is that we have so much more to offer you than just pizza. You can come here just for our seafood and leave happy every time. Remember, we also offer so many more items on our menu so that each person in your group can find something they absolutely love.


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