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Subs & Salads Plymouth MI

Here at Primo's Pizza in Plymouth, Michigan, we have a dish for everyone. You're probably thinking that by this we mean that we have a pizza for everyone. While that is true, we also offer other menu items. If you're just not feeling pizza tonight, don't forget to check out our subs & salads. Our subs include steak & cheese, Italian, ham & cheese, pizza sub, vegetarian, meatball sub, turkey sub, and sub deluxe. The sub deluxe contains ham, steak, 2 salami, and cheese and is one of our most popular subs. In the case you're looking for a healthier alternative, we also offer salads. These include, tossed, antipasto, greek, and grilled chicken. All of our salads are served with dressing on the side. Our dressings include, Ranch, Creamy Italian, Italian, Bleu Cheese, Greek, and Honey Mustard. We offer all of our salads in sizes small, medium and large so that our customers can have their own or share with your group. We know, we know, Primo's Pizza is a pizza shop. But we are so much more than that. Our subs & salads are delicious and our customers love them. Sometimes the kids want pizza and you'd prefer something else like a sub. We know how hard it is to decide dinner, especially when you're trying to feed multiple mouths. Dinner can be a difficult time of day for any household. At Primo's Pizza we make it easy for our customers to choose. We have it all here. We have something for each person in your group. You will never be disappointed. Our salads and subs are made from the freshest ingredients. We know how important this time is to you and your family. Most families have busy schedules and having dinner together is the one time of day where they are able to bond and talk about their days | really see and talk to each other}. At Primo's Pizza in Plymouth, Michigan, let us take care of dinner, so that you can spend more time with your family. Don't feel like going out? Do not fret, we deliver. No cooking means that you get to have more time with your family and a quick and easy meal. Our fair prices make it easy for you to choose from our menu of delicious items. When you visit Primo's Pizza don't forget that we have delectable subs and salads for the non-pizza eater in your family. Or perhaps you would prefer something a little bit healthier. Our small salads are perfect for a single person. Primo's Pizza has it all.

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